Joanna Gaines Shares a Look at Spring at the Silos—And Shows Off Baby Crew’s First TeethWATCH: Joanna Gaines Gives a Behind the Scene Look at Spring at the Silos—And Shows Off Baby Crew’s First Teeth

With the change of every season, Joanna Gaines completely transforms the décor at Magnolia Market at the Silos. This year, she says, spring is all about authenticity.

“I always think going into each season, what are people going to feel when they walk in,” Joanna says of her and husband Chip’s sprawling retail destination in Waco, Texas. “I really think with this, they are going to just feel that fresh life. Kind of that hope that you see. And what we are layering into that is the theme of authenticity.”

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The mom of five, continues, “My hope is that when people see this stuff it kind of speaks to them in a really personal way. For me in this season of life, I have a six— almost seven month old baby. I don’t have a lot of opportunity to wash my hair, so this is my authentic self,” she adds, laughing. “I feel like I’m figuring out this baby thing mixed with my four children that are a little older and it’s so fun, very unpredictable. But just rolling with it!”

In the behind the scene video above, Joanna works with the visual team at Magnolia as they install handmade umbrellas, and more than 1000 handmade pink saucer magnolia blooms. And the proud mama shows off Crew’s first little baby teeth. “You are so cute,” she says.

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“I felt think that authenticity felt like something a lot of people could resonate with,” says the Fixer Upper star. “So yes we are celebrating Spring, it’s going to be this burst of color, celebration of life. But also woven into that is this authenticity. Chipping away at the layers and finding your true self. Living there, owning it and really thriving.”

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