Jennifer Garner Hilariously Reacts to Story of Convict Who Escaped to Raise a Family: ‘Holy Nuts’


Jennifer Garner couldn’t get enough of the dramatic viral story of Bobby Love, who escaped from prison and started a family before being re-arrested 40 years later.

Bobby and his wife Cheryl’s story was unspooled on the Humans of New York Instagram account this week, with hundreds of thousands of users coming back for eleven separate posts to see how the couple’s love story ended. Among those users was Garner, who shared her excitement in the comments section of many of the posts.

In the first post, Cheryl recalled being in her apartment in 2015 when police knocked on her door and raced toward her husband, forcing him to reveal a secret he’d kept for 40 years — his real name was Walter Miller, and he’d escaped from prison almost 40 years prior.

“Holy nuts,” Garner, 47, commented, as spotted by Comments by Celebs.

As the Humans of New York Instagram account continued to detail the events that led up to Bobby’s original arrest for bank robbery in the 1970s, Garner wrote, “Hurry up!!!”

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(2/11) “Back in the day my name was Walter Miller. It was a pretty normal childhood. We grew up poor, but nothing really dramatic happened until I went to a Sam Cooke concert at the age of fourteen. I was excited to be at that concert, so I pushed my way to the front row—right near the stage. The crowd was really moving, because it was dance music. And Sam Cooke didn’t like that. He kept telling people to sit down. And after only two songs, he got so angry that he walked off the stage. So I screamed at the top of my lungs: ‘Sam Cooke ain’t shit!’ And in North Carolina, back in 1964, that was enough to get me arrested for disorderly conduct. Things went downhill pretty quick after that. My mother was raising eight kids on her own, so she couldn’t control me. I got into all sorts of trouble. I lifted purses from unlocked cars. I was stealing government checks out of mailboxes. I got bolder and bolder, until one day I got busted stealing from the band room at school. They shipped me off to a juvenile detention center called Morrison Training School. I hated everything about that place. The food was terrible. The kids were violent. I still have scars from all the times I got beat up. Every night, while I was falling asleep, I could hear the whistle of a freight train in the distance. And I always wanted to know where that train was going. So one night, when the guard turned his back to check the clock, I ran out the back door– toward the sound of that whistle. And that was the first place I ever escaped from.”

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