Jeff Lewis Wants to Have a Second Child in the Next Year ‘With or Without’ Partner Gage Edward

Jeff Lewis is planning to give his daughter Monroe, 2, a sibling, with or without his partner by his side.

The Flipping Out star announced via his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, that he wants to have a second baby, regardless of his relationship status with estranged partner Gage Edward.

Edward, 33, moved out of their family home nearly two weeks ago, according to Lewis, 48, who has since referred to himself as “a single dad.”

“Within the next year, with or without Gage, I’m going to pursue having another child,” the Bravo star said on Tuesday. “I think Monroe needs another sibling.”

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“I do want to have another child for Monroe. Not just for Monroe, but for me,” he added. “Because I always thought that I would never, ever do it if I didn’t have a partner. But I think I can. I need to hire a few more nannies.”

Lewis is the biological father of Monroe, who was carried by a surrogate.

On his show, he joked that he may use one of Edward’s embryos, which the partners of ten years already had frozen when they were planning for their family.

“I was wondering if doesn’t mind if I use his embryo,” Lewis said with a laugh. “I’m going to use his embryo and then I’m going to ask for child support.”

Edward told PEOPLE he had no comment on the situation.

This isn’t the first time Lewis has discussed his hope for another baby. A year before he announced their separation, Lewis revealed that he and Edward had plans to add to their family through IVF.

“We have five frozen embryos,” Lewis revealed on an October 2017 episode of Jeff Lewis Live.

“The next baby will be Gage’s embryo and his strongest embryo is a boy. So hopefully we are going to have a boy,” Lewis continued. “Not yet though. We’re not pregnant yet.”

Edward joked, “We just had our gender reveal party. He’s a week-old—frozen.”

Following those statements, the pair did not publicly discuss their plans further, and it’s unclear whether they took any additional steps toward having a second child.

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Lewis will have to find a new surrogate however, as the woman who carried Monroe has since filed a lawsuit against the couple.

In June 2018, Alexandra Trent claimed that Flipping Out filmed her delivery without permission and that Edward and Lewis made “disgusting” remarks about her. Although Lewis has strongly refuted these claims, the legal action is ongoing and will likely go to trial.

He may also need to find a new candidate to be the baby’s godparent.

In September 2018, Lewis also had an explosive fight with his costar and friend of nearly 20 years, Jenni Pulos, who is Monroe’s godmother.

“I will always pray for her,” Pulos, 45, said on Watch What …read more



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