Is Supergirl Stronger Than Superman? DC Comics Finally Answers

Kara Danvers in the Supergirl suit in front of a fire

One of the oldest matters of debate among comic nerds and fanatics has always been who the more potent force between Superman and Supergirl is. The argument here is that the two not only share the same physiology but also draw strength from the same source. Not to mention they have identical powers.

As you may expect, most fans are biased toward their beloved Superman, seeing as he is the more familiar character. He’s also achieved far greater feats in his time on Earth than the recently introduced Supergirl, battling and defeating beings from his own planet, like Zod, as well as other incredibly powerful forces like Doomsday and Darkseid.

Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers in ‘Supergirl’ | Darren Michaels/Getty Images

Still, there are a couple of other factors that may make Supergirl come on top. And recent DC runs might have finally already answered the age-long question.

Supergirl shows incredible strength

So, to look at it objectively, you’ll need a situation where both Superman and Supergirl go against each other without any reservations. Well, in Crime Syndicate #5, their cross-dimensional (Ultraman — Superman & Ultragirl — Supergirl) do just that, according to Distractify. In this case, Ultraman is the evil that seeks to destroy Ultragirl’s home, Earth-3.

In this scene, Ultragirl swoops in as Ultraman tries to punch Luthor, stopping his punch with one hand. Keep in mind that Ultraman is actually an evil superman and is therefore highly unlikely to hold back on his power. To the shock of readers, she even brings him to his knees with one hand showing just how powerful she is.

Also, according to history, DC’s evil doppelgängers tend to possess similar traits when it comes to powers and skills. Therefore, Ultragirl stopping Ultraman on Earth-3 wouldn’t be much different if it were happening on Earth-0.

About The Yellow Sun …

Before going any further, it is worth noting that the body size and muscle mass have little to do with the strength of Kryptonians. A bulk of their strength is obtained when they absorb the yellow sun’s radiation. It’s the radiation that is metabolized to enhance their speed, physical strength, and durability.

From this, you might say that their strength can be calculated by the amount of solar energy they have absorbed. So, who then has absorbed more solar power?

Kara aka Supergirl has 1 major advantage

Most fans would jump to say that it is Superman who’s absorbed the most solar power of the two. After all, he came to Earth as a baby and has had over 20 years to absorb the sun’s radiation.

However, the more recent reworking of the origin of Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) shows that Kara was born before Kal-El (Superman)and had grown to her teenage years in Krypton. She was then sent to Earth before Kal but ended up spending years suspended in outer space while absorbing the yellow sun’s radiation. This alone gives Kara an upper hand over her cousin.

On top of that, Kara also grew up in Krypton. Thus, …read more

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