Is a fox family trapped under a Livermore house?

DEAR JOAN: In recent weeks, our East Bay Times has been missing or moved, along with other items. My neighbors and I have seen paw prints on our hardscape that look like those of foxes. One of my neighbors has seen at least five or six foxes at the same time and shortly after that, a small one in their front yard.

Another has seen four of them at a time, and someone else saw three when they came over to eat plums off the ground in her yard, so clearly there is more than one fox in our neighborhood.

One of our neighbors recently returned from a couple weeks out of town and found that a fox had been nesting under their house. I told them there was more than one fox around, but a person who works for them said there was only one fox, and he covered the opening under their house with a screen.

If there were other foxes under their house when he installed the screen, they may have dead foxes under there in a few days. If they were not under there at the time he put the screen up, the foxes might just move under someone else’s house or deck.

I have called some agencies as I would like to see the foxes humanely removed and released in a wilderness area. I have seen them living in the open fields behind our houses, but perhaps with the lack of water and food in the fields, they are moving into the neighborhood.

I assume professional wildlife trappers would euthanize them. The people with the foxes under the house called Animal Control at the Livermore Police Department and were told there was nothing the police could do; they didn’t even refer them to any other services.

If the wild animal is injured, I understand they should contact the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, but that is not the case here. Please let your readers know what humane actions to take in situations like this, and remind them to check all the screens around their house, garage and property regularly to be sure wild animals cannot get in.

Pat Wheeler, Livermore

DEAR PAT: I’m not sure why the foxes would be stealing your newspaper, but maybe they wanted to see their names in my column.

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