How Erin Ziering’s 2 New Rescue Kittens Have Helped Her Through a Time of Transition

Erin Ziering hadn’t planned to adopt two kittens. But after a major life change — she filed for divorce from her husband, actor Ian Ziering, in November — Ziering was ready to prioritize her own wants and needs again. And what she wanted was … a cat.

“I was never allowed to have a cat — none of the men in my life ever wanted one, and Ian is allergic,” she tells PEOPLE. “But he’s not here anymore. This is my house now, so I ‘I can do this.’ ”

Already mom to two young daughters and a small cadre of dogs — “Ian kept one of the dogs in the divorce, and I kept the puppy,” she says (she also has a 12-and-a-half-year-old rescue dog who moved cross-country with her after college), Ziering decided to round out her revamped household with a kitten. “I wanted a companion for the puppy. I thought a kitten would be as good of a companion as another dog,” she explains.

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The Los Angeles-based former cardiac nurse and Elevated by Erin blogger talked to a feline-loving friend, Mel Lamprey, who is active in the local cat rescue scene. Ziering told her what she was looking for and Lamprey led her to a Ventura County-based rescue group called Wrenn Rescues.

As soon as she met kitten BFFs Luna and Star, who were then crashing with another foster mom, Ziering was a goner. She adopted Luna right away, and agreed to foster Star until she was ready to get spayed. But “this kitten isn’t going anywhere,” Ziering admits, saying she’s already bought Star her own collar and name tag.

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The kitten buddies easily adapted to Ziering’s household, though they did it in their own ways. Luna, Ziering says, “is a classic cat — she prances around, knows her territory and the dogs respect her.”

Star has a far less chill approach. “Right away this kitten was like, ‘I am on top of you, and I’m best friends with the puppy,’ ” Ziering says. “She has this desperation to be included. She wakes up and the first thing she does is look for the puppy. She desperately wants to go outside and go for a walk.”

Alissa Smith, who runs Wrenn Rescues, says the duo were rescued together as babies, though they weren’t siblings. They had different names then: Ursala (now Star) and Alistair (now Luna). “Ursala had a home lined up, but when she was getting spay surgery, she had a reaction to the anesthesia,” Smith says. “We had to delay her adoption until she was 100 percent.” Her intended adoption fell through, as did Alistair’s.

“They were found on the street wet and starving, in the same city, across town, within days of each other,” Ziering says. The kittens were about 5 or 6 weeks old at the time.

Today, Luna and Star are living the high …read more



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