Hotline newsletter: Projecting the Over/Under for win totals, explaining the schedule, Sumlin tests positive and more

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Win Totals: Over/Under Picks

First came the vote to play; then came the revised schedule; and now, naturally, come the wagering options. has released regular-season win totals for each Pac-12 team in the upcoming, seven-game regular season.

Our team-by-team projections will be published later this month, but the Hotline couldn’t resist a bit of fun with the BetOnline totals.

Please note:

1. Push = we agree with the projection and would not place a wager on the bet we’re not actually placing a wager on.

2. BetOnline totals account for the crossover matchups on championship weekend but not the outcome of bowl games.

Here we go …

Crossover game: at Washington
Win total: 1
Our pick: Push
Comment: The rugged start will frame what might be Kevin Sumlin’s third and final season.

Arizona State
Crossover game: vs. Cal
Win total: 4.5
Our pick: Over
Comment: Toughest games are the first two: USC and Cal. Split those, and the Devils are well set.

Crossover game: at Arizona State
Win total: 4.5
Our pick: Over
Comment: Continuity is key after the disrupted offseason, and Cal has plenty of it, everywhere.

Crossover game: at Stanford
Win total: 1.5
Our pick: Over
Comment: Winnable crossover game puts the Buffs in position for at least two victories.

Crossover game: vs. UCLA
Win total: 6
Our pick: Under
Comment: Over doesn’t carry enough margin for error. We considered a Push, however.

Oregon State
Crossover game: at Utah
Win total: 1.5
Our pick: Over
Comment: Expecting OSU to again beat expectations. Oddsmakers haven’t learned their lesson.

Crossover game: vs. Colorado
Win total: 3.5
Our pick: Under
Comment: The even-year schedule features Oregon, Cal and Washington on the road.

Crossover game: at Oregon
Win total: 3.5
Our pick: Under
Comment: Multiple upsets would be required for the Bruins to win four. Tough to envision.

Crossover game: vs. Washington State
Win total: 5.5
Our pick: Over
Comment: Beat either ASU (home) or Utah (road), and the Over moves well within reach

Crossover game: vs. Oregon State
Win total: 4.5
Our pick: Over
Comment: The seventh game (on championship weekend) will be the key to the fifth win.

Crossover game: vs. Arizona
Win total: 4.5
Our pick: Under
Comment: With Cal and Oregon on the road, the Huskies have no margin for error on the Over.

Washington State
Crossover game: at USC
Win total: 2
Our pick: Under
Comment: Shortened season will produce a long slog for WSU in Nick Rolovich’s first year.

Here’s the link to the BetOnline site, if you’re interested in the money totals assigned to the Over/Under. — Jon Wilner

Hot off the Hotline

The content production slowed a bit in the past week, as the Hotline took a few days off to recover from the Aug.-Sept. push and to rest up for a furious next six months. (December alone is going to be ridiculous.)

• However, we published an analysis of the Pac-12 schedule on Saturday morning with context from Merton Hanks, the Pac-12’s new football operations chief. If you’re wondering why USC and Oregon won’t meet in a crossover matchup — or how the TV selection process …read more

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