Hotline newsletter: Heat on Larry Scott, California teams cleared for camp, UCLA will wear UA and more

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Larry Scott on Criticism: “Goes with the territory”

Problems for Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott seem to come in waves.

The latest has washed ashore over the past two months, with layoffs and furloughs at the conference office, executive bonuses that were paid before the staff downsizing, the expenses incurred in San Francisco and the absence of football on the Pac-12 Networks.

Earlier this week, Scott appeared on the Bickley and Marotta radio show on Arizona Sports 98.7 for an informative, candid conversation that touched on all the touchy touch points.

I’d encourage everyone to listen to the full 15 minutes — the first half focuses on the football season — but here are a few relevant snippets.

• Whether the Pac-12 is wasteful with executive bonuses and rent paid in San Francisco:

“There’s a perception out there that’s just incorrect, in my view. What people have a tough time comparing apples to apples is the conferences that also have their own networks, the networks are all run by outside entities. They don’t have the head counts. They don’t have the rent. They don’t have other things. But folks don’t seem to be able to make that distinction …

“We’re also based in San Francisco. That decision to be in the Bay Area certainly preceded me.”

“We have a rigorous process we go through with our finance committee, which is made up of university presidents and university chief financial officers, and I’m very confident that we’re pursuing the mission and the mandate on behalf our members at a high level in an efficient way.”

• The potential for his tenure to end and whether he has lost the support of the presidents:

“Not at all. There’s a lot of rumor and speculation and that just goes with the territory in a very public facing role, and it’s true of commissioners in other leagues, as well. It just goes with the territory.”

* The Pac-12 Networks:

“It’s achieved a lot of what its objectives were … It has not reached its full potential, for sure, in terms of distribution. I know the DirecTV issue has been a huge irritant for fans that have it and weren’t willing to switch to the several other networks in every market that have (the Pac-12 Networks).”

“Sure, there are things we could have done differently. We might have made different tradeoffs, but certainly, there have been a lot of benefits our members have gotten by having the network, and what we’ll see in 2024″ — when the new media contract begins — “is the wisdom of keeping our rights and owning and controlling it ourselves and being able to adapt to a rapidly changing media landscape.”

* How he can elevate the conference’s reputation:

“The most important is that we have teams that win.”

Say what you will about Scott’s responses on other topics — …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Entertainment


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