Hey Dieter: Should the Warriors trade Draymond Green this summer?

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Is it time to trade Draymond Green? — Brad via email

» I feel like we have this conversation once a quarter, but let’s rehash it:

While trading Green feels sacrosanct, I don’t think it’s a subject that cannot be broached.

Ultimately, I don’t think there’s much of a trade market for him, seeing as he has three years and roughly $75 million remaining on his contract, and I know that no one is going to come in with a value that’s truly compensatory to the Dubs.

In Green, the Warriors have arguably the best defender in the NBA and the point guard of their offense (he averaged the same number of assists per game as Chris Paul). Of the three things teams need to win the postseason, Green gives the Warriors two — a defensive anchor and an operator on offense.

There’s a zero percent chance they could land a player like that in a trade for Green.

Is Green’s shot busted? Yep.

Was his missed floater at the end of the play-in game against Memphis an encapsulation of a serious issue? No doubt.

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But CJ McCollum won’t affect winning the same way that Green will for the Warriors. Nor will a Myles Turner or anyone else who is not an All-NBA player (and even some of them do not).

Maybe the jumper comes back. Maybe not. It’s not a death sentence for the Warriors either way, if they take care of business this offseason.

The Warriors’ goal this offseason should be to get a perimeter player who can score off the dribble for the team’s closing lineup. Easier said than done with the Dubs’ salary cap constraints, but it’s not impossible.

That kind of player with Curry, Thompson, and Wiggins, will leave the Warriors with one non-shooter …read more

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