‘Here’s what I do when I don’t see their disabled placard’: Roadshow

Q: When I see someone parked in a disabled spot without a placard, I, with some concern, remind them to put up their placard so they don’t get a ticket. Sometimes I get a surprised thank you from people in a hurry who really had forgotten to put up their placards.

Karen Brenchley, Sunnyvale

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A: It can happen. Here’s the Roadshow advice: If a placard is visible, don’t challenge the person in the vehicle. They may appear healthy but have disabilities that are not apparent.

I once fielded a call from a healthy-looking woman in tears who was parked in a handicapped spot and had been verbally chastised by a bystander.

She was a double amputee.

Q: Here’s the deal about folks who park illegally in a handicapped spot for “just a minute.” I’m a full-time powerchair user. I can motor a long distance, but if I drive to the grocery store and find all accessible parking full, I just drive home. I can’t know if someone is in the store for just a minute or an hour.

Marylou Montgomery, Pleasanton

A: Those who think they are not holding up disabled users because they want to use the spot to just dash into a store need to rethink the impact they could be having on someone who needs the spot.

Q: Mobility impairment is no joke. People need to walk a little further and leave accessible parking for those who need it.

Chris Ryan, Fairfield

A: I agree.

Q: I don’t look disabled, but some days I can walk and some days I can’t. I have gotten a few bad looks.

Jane Parks-McKay, Santa Cruz

A: And …

Q: I am just as much against misusing handicap spots as the next person. I have seen 80-year-olds fall down in a parking lot because some scofflaw took the handicap spot near the building.

Fred Murphy, Mountain View

A: Another reason for healthy folks to follow the law.

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Q: I really hate when non-disabled people take up these spots as both my mother and mother-in-law rely on them. But getting angry is not right. There will be situations where you are wrong, and the person is parked legally in the spot. If you are angry, report them using the Parking Mobility app. Don’t confront them.

Kim L.

A: That is good advice.

Q: The Bible says, “do not curse …read more

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