Harriette Cole: The doctor said my daughter was being dramatic. Should I sue him?

DEAR HARRIETTE: My daughter took a bad fall on the playground about two months ago and broke her arm.

Harriette Cole 

When it was time to get her cast removed, she complained that the tool that the doctor was using to remove the cast was scratching against her arm. The doctor told me that she was just being dramatic.

When we were home later that night, my daughter showed me a cut going down her arm exactly where the doctor removed the cast.

I’m furious. Should I take legal action?

Protective Parent

DEAR PROTECTIVE PARENT: Did you take a picture of your daughter’s arm and immediately contact the doctor about the cut?

You didn’t mention how much time has passed since this incident. What’s most important is to talk to the doctor about what happened and ensure that the cut is healing properly.

If you have a photo of it, you can prove that your daughter was telling the truth.

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Talk to the doctor about how to ensure that your daughter’s arm will be OK and that the scarring will be minimal. If there is a need for plastic surgery, talk to the doctor about that, and let them know that you expect them to cover the costs, since it was their negligence that created the cut in the first place.

You should also contact an attorney and review your rights and options regarding a lawsuit. In my view, a reprimand is essential. Unless your daughter is terribly injured, I would stop there. If she needs further surgery, that’s when you get an attorney in there to make the doctor pay.

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