Harriette Cole: I got bored with my boyfriend and ditched him. Big mistake.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I initiated the end of a three-year relationship with my boyfriend because I felt that we had become somewhat bored with each other.

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However, now that three months has passed, I find myself deeply regretting this decision. My ex-boyfriend was always kind and caring, and I realize that these qualities are not easy to come by.

To add to the complexity of my emotions, he has since moved on and is now in a new relationship.

I must admit that I am experiencing feelings of jealousy, which is taking a toll on my emotional well-being.

I am unsure of how to feel about these emotions and whether it’s appropriate to express my regret to him. Additionally, how can I cope with the jealousy I am feeling about his new relationship?

I want to find a healthy way to move forward and learn from this experience.

— Full of Regrets

DEAR FULL OF REGRETS: You made a decision. Now you have to live with it.

Too often, people break up because one partner seems boring or too routine-oriented. Yet in solid relationships, it takes at least one half of a team to be disciplined and predictable. Consider this a lesson learned for you.

Your ex moving on and getting into another relationship is your cue to move on as well. You no longer have the right to go to him and ask for him to come back to you. Allow him to have peace as he lives his life.

As far as the jealousy goes, accept it for what it is. You made a rash decision without thinking through all of the repercussions. You will have to live with that.

As you consider your next partner, be more specific about traits and qualities that you admire, and welcome them when they appear.

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