‘Halloween Kills’ Director David Gordon Green Is Making a Movie About Walt Disney’s Creation of Disneyland

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The entire world knows the legendary Walt Disney name. It has power across several notable industries, including film, television, music, and theme parks. Disneyland’s official tagline is “The Happiest Place On Earth.” The theme park continues to see huge crowds attend to experience the rides, the atmosphere, and the various snacks and drinks. Director David Gordon Green will be directing a movie about Walt Disney’s creation of Disneyland.

David Gordon Green is making the newest ‘Halloween’ trilogy

Green has worked across various genres over the course of his career. He directed 2008’s Pineapple Express and 2013’s Joe. The two films are radically different, but they show different sides of the filmmaker. He’s worked on several television shows, although he has recently entered the spotlight in the horror genre.

Green is directing Blumhouse’s Halloween trilogy that’s set after John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween. Halloween Kills is opening in theaters and on Peacock this week. Meanwhile, Halloween Ends concludes the trilogy in 2022. Next, he plans on directing The Exorcist, which follows a similar strategy. The trilogy of movies will be set after the continuity of the 1973 classic.

David Gordon Green is directing a movie about Walt Disney creating Disneyland

Walt Disney | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Deadline reported that Green will be directing a movie for Disney+ about the story of building Disneyland. Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book 2 writer Evan Spiliotopoulos is writing the screenplay. The project was in development for a year before pitching it to Disney. Additional plot details haven’t been revealed yet.

Disneyland first opened on July 17, 1955, under the supervision of Walt Disney himself. It started with a 160-acre lot in Anaheim, California in 1953. The “Mickey Mouse Parks” was the original name. Henry Ford’s Museum and Greenfield Village inspired Disneyland, which had attractions such as a Main Street and steamboat rides. He visited these attractions with his daughters, which gave him the idea to open a theme park of his own.

There were concerns regarding perceived growth in its lot of land. Additionally, Disney faced major difficulties in getting funding for the theme park. As a result, he created a show named Disneyland for ABC in exchange for funding that he could put into the theme park.

Disneyland has certainly grown over the years into the theme park that it is today. The park continues to change as the parent company purchases large intellectual properties, such as Star Wars and Marvel. Now, Disneyland has a larger total attendance than any other theme park in the world.

Disney+’s project is still in early processes, so audiences will have to wait to see more information on this title. However, Green’s involvement is sure to pull audiences’ attention. Stay tuned for future project details on the Disneyland film project.

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