‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Nick Marsh and Meredith Grey End Up Together?

Scott Speedman as Nick Marsh and Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey about to go out on a date in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18 Episode 2

Many Grey’s Anatomy fans are wondering whether Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) and Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) are endgame. The returning character charmed his way into everyone’s hearts in season 18. But there’s also Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), aka McWidow, to consider. So will Meredith and Nick end up together on Grey’s Anatomy? Here’s what the cast thinks and everything we know so far.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Nick Marsh and Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18.]

What happened to Nick Marsh and Meredith Grey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Scott Speedman as Nick Marsh and Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18 | ABC

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Nick and Meredith’s love story goes back to Grey’s Anatomy Season 14. Nick is introduced as a transplant surgeon from Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and he is also a kidney transplant recipient. Then when Nick collapses in Grey Sloan Memorial, Meredith is able to save his kidney. 

Meanwhile, Meredith and Nick’s chemistry is undeniable. It’s also the first time Mer feels a serious romantic spark following the death of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). That said, Meredith and Nick aren’t seen together again until Grey’s Anatomy Season 18.

In the premiere, Meredith goes to Minnesota, and she’s offered a research lab to cure Parkinson’s disease. The general surgeon bumps into Nick, and the two eventually go on a date in episode 2. Nick also encourages Meredith to “risk it all” and take on the project. Now, Meredith will travel back and forth between Seattle and Minnesota once a week, which means there’s plenty of time for her to get together with Nick in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18.

Do Ellen Pompeo and Scott Speedman think Meredith Grey and Nick Marsh belong together?

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Now, it seems Meredith and Nick could potentially start dating in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18. But will the relationship become strong enough to go the distance like MerDer? It’s possible. 

When speaking with Entertainment Tonight in October 2021, Pompeo was asked whether Nick was actually a “viable” candidate to end up with Meredith. Then the actor replied, “What? Yeah! What’re you talking about? He’s such a hottie.”

Speedman also weighed in on Meredith and Nick’s relationship, revealing that he really thinks his character is a “good match” for Mer. But while the actor claimed that it’s “a fair bet” for the pair to spark up a romance, he still doesn’t know what’s in store for them by the end of the season.

“Honestly, I don’t know too much about anything,” Speedman said. “I know I live in Minnesota and she lives in Seattle. So that’s going to be something to be figured out. And I’m sure there’ll be some twists and turns along the way.”

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