‘Gilligan’s Island’: Creator Sherwood Schwartz Picked the Show’s Name out of a Phone Book

'Gilligan's Island' creator found inspiration for the show's name from a phone book.

Gilligan’s Island is a classic comedy by creator Sherwood Schwartz. The TV pioneer’s idea for a sitcom about a group of castaways on a deserted island seemed far-fetched. However, the show became an instant success and earned a spot in pop culture history.

Gilligan’s Island creator Sherwood Schwartz stars Bob Denver, Dawn Wells, Tina Louise, and Russell Johnson I SGranitz/WireImage

‘Gilligan’s Island’ creator Sherwood Schwartz used a phone book to come up with the show’s name

After working as a writer for TV and radio for 25 years, Schwartz decided it was time to create his own series. In 1963, he began working on creating a show about a stranded group of castaways. However, like many writers, he had a tough time coming up with a name for the series.

He already knew he wanted island in the title along with the name of the first mate. Yet, choosing the right name was a hassle. In Schwartz’s memoir Inside Gilligan’s Island: A Three-Hour Tour Through The Making of A Television Classic, he recalled his conundrum. “There are many names that would make the series sound like a dramatic show. I also didn’t want a ridiculous name.”

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