Drew Barrymore Still Had a Crush on Christian Bale Even Though She Dumped Him When They Were Teens

Drew Barrymore posing in a dress at the 2023 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor presentation.
Drew Barrymore | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Barrymore and Bale both knew each other when

Drew Barrymore and Batman Begins star Christian Bale already tested the waters with each other when they were younger. Barrymore didn’t fancy Bale much at the time, but she later shared she’d have a different reaction to the actor in their older years.

Drew Barrymore would’ve clammed up if she saw Christian Bale again after dumping him

Drew Barrymore | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Barrymore and Bale both knew each other when they were child stars. But the two responded to child stardom quite differently. Barrymore’s fame and upbringing led to self-destructive behavior that landed her in rehab at 13. Bale, however, didn’t experience the same level of adversity that Barrymore did. But he confided that he wasn’t a fan of being a child star, either.

“It was crap for a while,” Bale once told LA Weekly. “It was crap because, suddenly, you got the real experience of actually doing it, making the movie, traveling to these countries, working with these people…and then, suddenly, it was all about the other side of it, which is the fraudulent side of it, I’ve found, doing the whole press thing, and I sort of couldn’t get my head around it.”

Despite their different circumstances, Barrymore and Bale would eventually cross paths. In an interview with GQ (via Daily Mail), the actor revealed what their first and last date was like.

“We went to see some bloody awful horror film, and that was the end of it,” Bale said. “She never called again.”

The pair would go their separate ways, with the two enjoying even more successful acting careers in their adult years. They would also move on with other lovers and end up starting their own families. But according to People(via Irish Examiner), Barrymore may have been more attracted to Bale as he matured.

“He’s so cute,” she said. “And I knew him when he was a kid. He was in Empire Of The Sun.”

Barrymore went on to add she’d have a completely different response to Bale if they were to ever meet again.

“If he walked into the room now, I would totally clam up. Or I might go overboard and embarrass myself,” she said.

Why Drew Barrymore didn’t call Christian Bale back

Barrymore briefly opened up on her only date with Bale. According to the Scream star, Bale wasn’t exactly the reason she went silent on the actor. Rather, she was just in a place in her life where she wasn’t all that interested in boys.

“I had a lot of fish to fry, like I had big problems in my world for many years, like in good ways — things you gotta overcome . . . boys were like very secondary,” she said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Still, she remarked that Bale was incredibly nice during their date, and even she wasn’t sure why she didn’t call him …read more

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