Dina Lohan Pleads Not Guilty to Felony DWI After Arrest in Long Island

Dina Lohan, the mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, is pleading not guilty to a felony DWI (driving while intoxicated).

On Sunday morning, Lohan appeared in court after being arrested around 6:30 p.m. Saturday night following a vehicle collision in Long Island, New York, the Nassau County Police Department confirmed with PEOPLE.

The 57-year-old mother was represented by her attorney, Mark Heller, who tells PEOPLE that they will be appearing in court again on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

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“Dina Lohan and I appeared in the First District Court today. We entered a plea of not guilty to all of the charges. We will be back in court this coming Wednesday, and we look forward to contesting the claims that have been made against her, which include a drunk driving charge,” he said in a statement.

Heller added that Lohan had been charged with “drunk driving, unlicensed operator, unregistered operator, leaving the scene of an accident and several other violations of the vehicle traffic law, in conjunction with a felony charge of drunk driving.”

Police said Lohan attempted to flee the accident scene.

Lohan had allegedly attempted to flee the scene of the accident, but the other vehicle followed her until police arrived, according to several reports.

Lohan did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

This isn’t Lohan’s first DWI charge. In 2013, she was arrested for aggravated driving while intoxicated and speeding and a Nassau County district court judge sentenced her to 100 hours of community service and suspended her driver’s license for one year. She was also fined $3,000.

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