‘Deliciousness’: Kel Mitchell Dishes About MTV Series, Group Chat With Tiffani Thiessen, Angela Kinsey, and Tim Chantarangsu

Kel Mitchell on the couch commenting on viral food fails on MTV's 'Deliciousness'

Showbiz Cheat Sheet caught up with Deliciousness star Kel Mitchell to talk about the return of the MTV series in 2022. During our conversation, Mitchell teased what’s to come in season 3 of Deliciousness and the group chat he shares with The Office star Angela Kinsey, Wild ‘N Out star Tim Chantarangsu, and Beverly Hills 90210 star Tiffani Thiessen. Plus, hear how Deliciousness captures genuine reactions from the panelists while they’re filming episodes. 

‘Deliciousness’ will return with season 3 in 2022 

In December 2021, Deadline confirmed MTV ordered another season of Deliciousness. “Both series hail from the producers of MTV’s Ridiculousness, which ranks as the No. 1 cable series for total minutes consumed with over 55 billion minutes watched in 2021 to date,” the outlet reported.

Kel Mitchell | MTV

Deliciousness first aired on MTV before the holidays in December 2020. The series looks at some of the internet’s most viral food videos and will continue to do so with season 3. The Ridiculousness spinoff does not have an air date for the third season at publication, but Mitchell hopes for many more seasons in the future. 

“It’s [the] third season, so we can’t even believe it,” Mitchell tells us. “It’s crazy. I hope we go as long as Ridiculousness [has] —they’re on season, I don’t know, 20 or something like that.” 

Kel Mitchell and his ‘Deliciousness’ co-stars have a group chat 

A self-proclaimed foodie, Mitchell loves being a panelist on Deliciousness. Having worked on the show for three seasons, he tells us he has grown “a lot closer” to his castmates Kinsey, Chantarangsu, and host Thiessen. 

“We’re a big family now,” Mitchell tells Showbiz. “They’re awesome — Tim and Angela are awesome and now we just have fun.” Mitchell keeps up with his co-stars in a Deliciousness group chat outside of filming. 

Angelina Kinsey and Kel Mitchell | MTV

“We have our own group text,” said Mitchell, adding: “Tiffani’s in there too — because Tiffani is going to be like ‘What?!’ She’s in the group text.” 

The group chat leaves the Deliciousness cast laughing “all the time,” according to Mitchell. “We send each other funny pictures and funny memes, things like that,” he elaborated.

‘Deliciousness’ cast don’t see viral videos before filming begins

During our conversation, Mitchell also explained how the Ridiculousness spinoff has changed slightly throughout three seasons. We were most curious about the filming process — do Mitchell and his fellow panelists get to see the footage they’re commenting on before taping begins? 

“So they’ll tell us what’s kinda going to come up,” Mitchell revealed. “But we never see the video first like we used to.” When Deliciousness first started, Mitchell, Kinsey, Chantarangsu, and Thiessen would receive a Google drive full of the clips to be discussed in an episode. 

“But then we were like, ‘No, it’s fun to have that first reaction of … really seeing it on the couch,’” said the former Nickelodeon star. “That [has] been so awesome. Now we just go into it blindly and see these crazy food fails. I can’t believe [there are] so many food fails.” 

There are even more food fails to come in season 3 of Deliciousness. “We definitely step it up this season,” …read more

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