Defendant in Richmond massacre gets four life sentences

MARTINEZ — An East Bay gang member convicted of three murders and four attempted murders in a 2021 mass shooting has received a stack of life sentences.

Enrique Ramirez-Calmo, 30, was sentenced to three life terms without parole, one term of 50 years to life, and another 14 years on top of that, court records show. He is appealing his conviction and remains in jail pending transfer to the state prison system.

Ramirez-Calmo was convicted of murdering Andres Morales-Garcia, Rudy Godinez-Aguilar, and Hector Rigoberto Carrillo-Ruiz — as well as attempting to murder four others — for a gang known as SSL 502. His co-defendant, Geovani Garcia-Jacinto, is still being prosecuted in the same case, records show.

Prosecutors say that the two men shot up a house party at the 2100 block of Dunn Avenue on June 20, 2021, based on the belief that rival gang members were there. The party’s attendees were celebrating the Solstice and Father’s Day when gunfire erupted. One of the four victims was shot in the liver and went into a medically induced coma.

Police also linked the pair to another shooting in Oakland around the same time, prosecutors said.

The case against Ramirez-Calmo largely hinged on his confession, which his attorney argued was false and improperly taken. After the murders, authorities say the SSL gang murdered a woman named Carolina Carrillo-Mendoza in the Oakland Hills because they were afraid she would talk. Several people are believed to be involved in the plot, but only one — Matias Mendoza — was charged, and he was ultimately sentenced to probation, court records show.

Another SSL member had been at the Dunn Avenue house party earlier in the day, but was ejected for drunken and disruptive behavior, prosecutors said.

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Source:: The Mercury News – Entertainment


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