Dear Abby: The bride has no room for all the gifts she wants

DEAR ABBY: Several of our grandchildren have had weddings in the last few years, along with showers and receptions. They all had plans to move into residences of their own. The shower gifts were household items — nothing extravagant, but nice.

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Another granddaughter is now planning to be married in the next few months, and she wants all the things the previous grandkids wanted. Her parents will only go so far.

This granddaughter and her fiance have agreed to live with the groom’s recently widowed mother, who has a fully furnished home and a spare bedroom.

The newlyweds may have a bedroom to decorate, but the rest of the house belongs to someone else. Packing up gifts for storage will require a place to put them; other family members don’t have spare room, and renting a storage unit can be expensive.

How do we have a normal shower for a couple who won’t have room for their gifts?

By the way, the bride does have a job and income, but the groom is currently unemployed.


DEAR WON’T FIT: Forgive me if this seems judgmental, but more practical than figuring out where this young couple is going to store the loot would be for them to concentrate on his finding a job.

It would also be a good idea for them to have premarital counseling before she moves in with his mother to be sure they are on the same page regarding money, children, problem-solving and a myriad of other things that can ruin a marriage.

For this shower, consider showering the couple with good wishes and gifts of cash for them to invest until they are ready to use it.

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