Dear Abby: I was planning to move in with her until I got this surprise news

Jeanne Phillips (Dear Abby)

DEAR ABBY: Two years ago, at a national conference, I bumped into a woman I had dated decades ago. We started dating again, even though she lives in Phoenix and I live in the Midwest.

The geographical distance between us is challenging, but we made it work through phone calls and traveling to see each other at least once a month.

It was working so well that we began discussing my relocating to Arizona so we could move in together.

I thought that was our future until this week.

My lady friend just told me she wants to reduce the number of phone calls we’ve been having each week to three or less. She explained she needs more time to herself to deal with “challenges” she has been facing, and everything is fine with our relationship.

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I was shocked because we had been talking two or more times a day as well as exchanging text messages. We have both faced significant challenges during our relationship and we had used our talks to figure out how to deal with them.

I said I wanted to talk more than three times a week. She says this won’t work. She wants less contact — much less. She also canceled our next in-person get-together.

I feel like our relationship is heading for the rocks. When I expressed this, she continued to insist everything is “fine” and we could have the same relationship with less contact. I disagree.

What do you think?


DEAR THROWN: Because this lady didn’t elaborate on what challenges she’s facing, I think the abrupt change in her behavior may be her way of trying to let you down easy. I can’t guess what may have caused her change of heart, but please accept my sympathy.

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