Dear Abby: He said we weren’t exclusive so I slept with my ex. Then things got heavy.

DEAR ABBY: I’ve been seeing a man, “Carson,” on and off for about five years.

Jeanne Phillips 

Last year, when I asked him if we were exclusive, he quickly said no, so I went and slept with an ex and became pregnant.

I didn’t reach out to Carson because I thought the baby belonged to my ex, but when the baby was born I quickly realized she might be Carson’s.

When I told him, he immediately denied she was his but still rekindled our relationship.

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Abby, he disappears frequently and doesn’t answer my calls. What should I do? Leave him? Stay? I do love him.


DEAR HOPELESS ROMANTIC: Have your child DNA-tested. If it proves she is Carson’s, he should be contributing to his daughter’s support. (The same goes for anyone else you think could be the father.)

It’s important that you understand this man behaves the way he does because he is not in love with you and doesn’t care about your feelings. He sees other women, just as he did the first time around. If this is the way you want to be treated, continue this relationship.

If, however, you think you deserve something — anything — better, end this poor excuse for a romance now.

DEAR ABBY: I am currently without a job. I hesitated to inform my mother because I was sure her reaction would only add to my stress.

I was right. She constantly corners me about my efforts to find a job.

He I talk to her nearly every day to keep up with how she and my stepfather are doing. Because she never fails to dig into me about my job search progress, I now find ways to shorten our conversations.

I can get a job or two to sustain my living expenses for the time being. However, I’m trying to hold out for a job or career that connects to my soul passion. Working for decades in a job that sustains me and my children is no match for the longing of my passion. (I’m still not sure what it is.)

How do I curb my mother’s pushing me for a resolution without coming off as annoyed, which I am? I’m sure …read more

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