Bridge: Oct. 7, 2019

Cy the Cynic told me he may join the “Order of the Two-Headed Turtle.”

“What in the world is that?”

“It’s the organization for procrastinators,” Cy replied tersely.

“So have you applied?”

“I will,” Cy shrugged, “if they ever get it organized.”

Cy is a notable procrastinator, especially in drawing trumps. He knows that it can be best to wait. In a team match, both Souths played at four hearts and both ruffed the third club. At one table, declarer led a trump to dummy’s jack, playing West, the opening bidder, for the queen. Alas, East won, and the defense also got a spade.


When Cy was declarer, he was in no hurry to attack the trumps. After ruffing the third club, he took the K-A of spades, the A-K of diamonds and a diamond ruff in dummy. The Cynic next ruffed dummy’s last club and exited with a spade.

At Trick 11, dummy had the A-J of trumps and a spade, and Cy had his K-10-9 of trumps. With the defenders to lead, Cy was sure of the last three tricks.


You hold: S K 7 2 H K 10 9 7 4 D K 9 2 C J 2. Your partner opens one diamond, you respond one heart and he bids one spade. The opponents pass. What do you say?

ANSWER: You have no ideal call. A bid of 1NT with no club strength or a rebid of two hearts with only a fair five-card suit is unattractive. Some experts might raise to two spades. My choice would be a return to two diamonds, though I would much prefer to have a fourth card in diamonds.

West dealer

N-S vulnerable


S A 9 6 4

H A J 8

D A 3

C 9 6 4 3


S Q 10 3

H 6 5 2

D Q J 5

C A K Q 5


S J 8 5

H Q 3

D 10 8 7 6 4

C 10 8 7


S K 7 2

H K 10 9 7 4

D K 9 2

C J 2

West North East South

1 C Pass Pass 1 H

Pass 4 H All Pass

Opening lead — C K

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