Bridge: July 10, 2024

It was only the second week of the month, but Unlucky Louie approached me in the club lounge, asking for a loan. (Admittedly, he always pays me back.)

“I’m so broke,” Louie complained, “that if a burglar broke into my house looking for cash, I would just laugh and help him look.”

Louie would be cash flush if he didn’t lose consistently in his penny games. He attributes his failures to bad luck when bad technique is the issue. At today’s four spades, Louie ruffed West’s second high heart, took dummy’s K-J of trumps, led a diamond to his queen and drew trumps, leaving him with none. West pitched hearts.


Louie then took the A-K of diamonds. When West threw a club, Louie shrugged, cashed dummy’s ace of clubs and lost the rest. Down one.

Louie tossed away 470 points. After he took his diamond tricks, he could lead a heart from dummy at the 10th trick. West could cash two hearts but would then have to lead a club from his king, conceding the contract.


You hold: S A Q 9 4 3 H 7 D A Q 6 C Q 7 5 4. Your partner opens one heart, you respond one spade and he bids two clubs. What do you say?

ANSWER: If partner has a minimum hand such as 2,AQ1084,K7,KJ93, with good hearts and weak clubs, you probably belong at 3NT. But he could hold 2,A8653,K7,AK1063, and then six clubs would be a heavy favorite. Bid two diamonds, a forcing “fourth-suit” call, to let partner make another descriptive bid.

West dealer

Neither side vulnerable



H 6 5 3 2

D K 10 7 4

C A 6 2


S 7 5

H A K Q 9 8 4

D 8 3

C K 9 8


S 10 8 6 2

H J 10

D J 9 5 2

C J 10 3


S A Q 9 4 3

H 7

D A Q 6

C Q 7 5 4

West North East South
1 H Pass Pass Dbl
2 H 3 D Pass 3 S
Pass 4 S All Pass
Opening lead — H K

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