Bridge: Jan. 13, 2022

“To err is human. To blame it on a computer is even more human.” — graffiti.

If all else fails, you can try blaming it on your partner.

When today’s East-West bid four hearts, South went to four spades and was doubled. West led his singleton diamond. East won with the jack and led a low club. Declarer won with the ace and led a trump, and West took his ace and led the queen of clubs. South produced the king and drew trumps. He lost three diamonds, a trump and a heart: minus 300.

PLUS 500

East-West could have been plus 500, and each defender blamed his partner.

“Lead a low diamond at the second trick for me to ruff,” West growled. “You still get two diamonds.”

“I wasn’t sure you’d led a singleton,” East said. “Underlead in hearts to my queen when you take your ace of trumps and I’ll get the idea.”

East should lead the king of hearts at Trick Two. West will signal with the deuce, implying that his diamond was a singleton. Then East can lead a low diamond.


You hold: S K Q 9 8 4 H 9 D 9 6 3 2 C A K 7. Your partner opens one heart, you respond one spade and he bids two clubs. What do you say?

ANSWER: You probably, but not assuredly, have a game, but you know too little about partner’s hand to decide. Bid two diamonds, forcing. If partner bids two spades next, go to four spades. If he bids 2NT, raise to 3NT hopefully. If he rebids two hearts or three clubs, you may end up stopping below game.

South dealer

E-W vulnerable


S J 10 7 6

H 8 5 3

D K 10 8 4

C J 9


S A 5

H A J 10 7 4 2

D 5

C Q 8 6 3


S 3 2

H K Q 6

D A Q J 7

C 10 5 4 2


S K Q 9 8 4

H 9

D 9 6 3 2

C A K 7

South West North East
1 S 2 H 2 S 4 H
4 S Pass Pass Dbl
All Pass

Opening lead — D 5

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