‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap, ‘You Have to Play Along’ — An Escape Gone Wrong Again

Big Sky star Janina Gavankar plays Ren in Season 2 Episode 3

In the Big Sky Season 2 Episode 3 recap, viewers might notice a scene that’s very similar to Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) and Ronald Pergman’s (Brian Geraghty) predicament in season 1. However, newcomers Ren (Janina Gavinkar) and Donno (Ryan O’Nan) are the villains this time. By the end of the episode, Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and Jerrie Kennedy (Jesse James Keitel) seem very close to finding Tonya (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Still, viewers know that another twist is coming.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Big Sky Season 2 Episode 3 ‘You Have to Play Along.’]

‘Big Sky’ Janina Gavankar as Ren | ABC/Michael Moriatis‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Episode 3: Ren and Donno turn into Rick Legarski and Ronald

When Big Sky Season 2 Episode 3 opens, Ren and Donno hold Tonya captive at the construction site of Helena Grove Estates. When Tonya insists she needs a bathroom break, she stabs Donno with a stick and runs away. She snags her outfit on something as she’s running. (We know the cloth might come into play later). She arrives at the Sad Clown Cafe and calls Cassie. However, Donno follows her and kills the owner. When Cassie, Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), and Jerrie arrive, they find the dead owner but no sign of Tonya.

The Big Sky recap sounds very similar to season 1 episode 3, when Grace Sullivan (Jade Pettyjohn) escaped. In the first season, Rick Legarski shot and killed the fisherman that Grace went to for help. He also wounded Grace, whereas, this time, Tonya hurt Donno. Nonetheless, Donno recaptured Tonya similarly to how Rick recaptured Grace. An innocent bystander died in the fray both times.

Meanwhile, in season 2, since Tonya told Ren that she had hired a private investigator, Ren tracked Cassie. While she’s watching the office, a man named Jag (Vinny Chhibber) calls her. Jag is Ren’s brother and comes to town in an upcoming Big Sky episode to restore his family’s power. 

The police don’t want Cassie and Jenny working the case

Later, Sheriff Tubb (Patrick Gallagher) tells Cassie and Jenny to talk to a cop working undercover before going any further with the case on Big Sam (Eric Weiss). Again, viewers aren’t surprised when the officer the women have to clear things with is Jenny’s new romantic partner — Travis (Logan Marshall-Green). He insists that Sam was wrapped up in dealings with a cartel, and they sent a cleaner. Travis confronted an informant for information about Deitrich (David Meunier) but didn’t get very far. Later in Big Sky Season 2 Episode 3, Jenny and Travis make out in his truck, and the camera zooms out so viewers can see the view from outside the glass. It’s evident that someone saw the encounter, but who was watching?

The four teenagers fall deeper into trouble in ‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Episode 3

Jeremy Ray Taylor, Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, Madelyn Kientz, and Lola Skye Reid | Karen Kuehn/Getty Images

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