Bay Area teacher calls sister Laura Ingraham ‘monstrous’ for her Fox News comments

In 1997, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tried to convince the world she wasn’t a bigot or homophobic by writing an essay for the Washington Post detailing how her LGBT views had been tempered by her relationship with her older gay brother Curtis Ingraham and by spending time with his partner who was dying of AIDS.

Ingraham, a former Reagan speechwriter who was then an MSNBC political analyst, wrote that she had reconsidered her opposition to same-marriage marriage and stopped thinking that the gay community’s “incessant calls” for more federal funding for AIDS was just “part of a gay crusade for political affirmation and acceptance.”

She also said she enjoyed spending time in San Francisco with Curtis and his partner, Richard, who died in March 1997. “I met their gay friends, and liked them,” Ingraham wrote. “They, in turn, seemed taken aback that a conservative firebrand like me could be fun — especially at a party with a bunch of gay people.”

But that was 21 years ago, and the Fox News host can no longer count on a warm and “trusting” relationship with her brother.

That’s because Curtis Ingraham began using his Twitter account earlier this year to publicly criticize his sister for using her show, “The Ingraham Angle,” to advocate for pro-Trump, hardline stances on immigration, gun control and cultural issues, including LGBT rights, the Daily Beast is reporting.

“I think she’s a monster,” Curtis Ingraham repeatedly said in an interview, the Daily Beast said.

“She’s very smart, she’s well spoken, but her emotional heart is just kind of dead,” said Curtis Ingraham, whose LinkedIn page says he’s a private school math teacher. “And you see it in her face when you see her on TV. She’s ready to destroy. She does not listen to understand—she listens to respond. And her response is always an attack.”

In the past year, Curtis Ingraham has tweeted a link to an August Daily Beast article saying that Laura Ingraham’s “rant” about immigrants destroying America was “so racist” it won the approval of David Duke.

As Laura Ingraham’s brother, I continue to be floored and shamed by her inflammatory remarks which serve only to harm and destroy the fabric of human decency. Is there no end?! Enough of this monstrous behavior! @davidhogg111 @FoxNews @IngrahamAngle @HuffPost #LauraIngraham

— Curtis Ingraham (@CurtisIngraham1) August 9, 2018

Curtis Ingraham also encouraged advertisers to boycott her show following what he called her “mean-spirited, flip and insensitive” comments about Parkland school-shooting survivor David Hogg. He moreover apologized to LeBron James after she mocked the NBA star for criticizing Trump by saying James should “shut up and dribble,” the Daily Beast said.

In this way, Curtis Ingraham has joined the small but growing number of people who have publicly parted ways with family members who are prominent Trump supporters.

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