‘Bad Sisters’ Season 2 Is Confirmed, and Fans Have Some Odd Theories

bad sisters season 2
(L-R): Eve Hewson, Sharon Horgan, Anne-Marie Duff, Eva Birthistle, and Sarah Greene in ‘Bad Sisters’ | Apple TV+

“As much as I loved the show, I didn’t feel there was any scope for season 2!” one

The hilarious Apple TV+ dark comedy Bad Sisters will return with has been renewed for season 2. The storyline for the new installment has yet to be revealed. But fans have some of their own theories on which direction the next season might go. 

‘Bad Sisters’ is renewed for season 2

Bad Sisters, which premiered on Apple TV+ on Nov. 8, 2022, follows the Garvey sisters — Eva (Sharon Horgan), Grace (Anne-Marie Duff), Ursula (Eva Birthistle), Bibi (Sarah Greene), and Becka (Eve Hewson). When Grace’s husband dies, the siblings come together to support her. 

But through flashbacks, details of Grace’s abusive marriage emerge. And it begins to look like her sisters had something to do with her husband’s death. 

Fans of the series — which aired its finale on Oct. 14 — wondered if they’d ever see the Garvey clan back in action. Luckily, Apple TV+ renewed Bad Sisters for Season 2. 

#BadSisters will return for Season 2 on Apple TV+

“The response to our show had been beyond what we could have hoped for…I look forward to getting chilly in the Irish Sea one more time.” – @SharonHorgan

— Apple TV+ (@AppleTVPlus) November 8, 2022

“The response to our show had been beyond what we could have hoped for,” co-creator and star Horgan said in a statement via Variety. “It gave us the opportunity to shine a light on stories that don’t always get such a global platform. I look forward to getting chilly in the Irish Sea one more time.”

Fans wonder what ‘Bad Sisters’ Season 2 will be about

Bad Sisters was written as a miniseries. And the finale didn’t leave fans with any cliffhangers or open endings. So when talking about what a potential season 2 storyline would look like, Horgan admitted she didn’t have anything mapped out as yet. 

“Well, it’s a really weird one, because it absolutely ended where it ended,” Horgan told Variety. “The original series was a limited series and I approached it in that way entirely and felt like the ending was satisfying. But it’s been mad, the response, especially to the sisters, especially to that family. It’s a tricky thing to come up with characters that an audience loves and so – I don’t know.”

Bad Sisters season 2 here we go. Activate brain.

— Sharon Horgan (@SharonHorgan) November 9, 2022

However, fans are already speculating about what’s to come. On Twitter, some suggested Ursula might plan to murder her husband, Donal (Jonjo O’Neill) in season 2. And on Reddit, one fan theorized the coming season could be more of an anthology like White Lotus. 

“[The] new season could be about something totally unrelated to JP and his death,” the Redditor suggested. “I can’t see how they could drag out the JP story for another whole season. Maybe it’ll be the sisters on holiday and a mysterious death occurs and the whole season is a reveal of who did it and why, sort of like White …read more

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