Astros eliminate Athletics: What both teams are saying after Houston clinches ALDS

The Athletics’ 2020 season is over after losing Game 4 of the American League Divisional Series to the division rival Houston Astros.

In a home run-filled series at Dodger Stadium, the A’s pitching — starters and relievers alike — just could not hold up against the Astros’ big-name lineup.

Here’s what both teams are saying after the Astros closed out the series:

Athletics manager Bob Melvin

On not taking pitching changes: “I’m fine, I just had a little foot thing pop up during batting practice so I didn’t want to limp out there, limp back and take a bunch of time.”

“We couldn’t hold them down. Ramon’s home run felt like a 1,000-run home run the time. We felt really good about where we were going.”

“We battled to the end as you would expect, just not enough.”

On bullpen: “You look at the numbers over the course of the regular season with our bullpen, we had a lead after the sixth, we usually won. It didn’t happen this series and we struggled to hold them down really the entire game at times. Just a good offensive team that hit their stride at the right time.”

“When Oly hit it, I didn’t think it was going that far. He caught it two-handed, he’s a great defender, but I don’t think it took any wind out of our sails.”

On Astros core: “For them, that’s why they’ve gone as far as they have every year, it’s due to the experience and the team has played together and they’re a really good team and when they’re a really good team, you try to keep them together. I don’t think you’re overwhelmed by experience, we went into this series thinking we were going to win.”

“I don’t think we were thinking about their experience, it is an experienced team that has played well for years now.”

On the game’s momentum: “You knew to an extent there was never anything to be a lead that felt like it was too big. I’m shocked Marcus’ ball didn’t go out.”

On Semien’s warning-track out: “Every ball that was hit like that at 100 miles per hour. That one didn’t. If there was ever a momentum swing, that was the biggest one.”

On his staff’s short outings: “I think in the postseason you tend to go to your bullpen a little bit earlier anyway when you have it as strength.”

On the pandemic season: “It’s not like there was a point during the season that you forgot about it. It was always a bit of a struggle for every team. As far as getting used to it, I don’t know, it seemed like there were different hurdles to try to get over.”

“60 games felt more like a regular season, but even playing field for everybody. Our reflection is our goals were loft and we felt short of them.”

On Semien’s pending free agency: “You get kind of lost in the moment. It doesn’t surprise you that he put together a great at-bat in the shadows, with two outs …read more

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