Asking Eric: The bride and groom never explained this wedding snub

Dear Eric: About five years ago, my sister’s son was married.

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When we arrived at the wedding, the bride and groom had set up three special tables. One was for the bride’s parents and their siblings and children. The two others were for the groom’s parents and their siblings and children.

Imagine my shock and surprise when all of my siblings and nieces and nephews were sitting at the two tables for the groom’s family, and I was seated at a different table with our cousins. In my place at the bride’s family table was one of my cousins.

So, I spent the wedding sitting with my cousins, and one cousin sat at the table with my daughter and sister and my sister’s kids. I was shocked and hurt, and have never received an explanation from the bride and groom for this extremely hurtful slight.

At this point, I have never discussed it with them. I found out my sister-in-law discussed it with them about a year ago. So, they know I’m very hurt by this slight, and neither have said anything to me about it.

Do I bring it up to them at this point? It still hurts my heart when I think about it, and once and for all, I would like to understand why they would do that to me and my husband.

– Seating Arrangement Estrangement

Dear Seating: It’s amazing how much turmoil a name card on top of a plate at a family wedding can cause. I’m certain that thousands of years in the future, we’ll still be sorting out seating arrangement strife. (Well, we won’t, but various proprietary AI bots will be squabbling about it in perpetuity.)

Even the happiest weddings can lead to stressful moments for all involved. And the seating assignments sometimes call to mind that age-old determinant of social standing – the cafeteria table. When we don’t get placed where we think we ought to get placed, it can hurt or confuse, as it has with you.

But, you weren’t banished to the corner table of the proverbial cafeteria. You were still with …read more

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