Ask Amy: What’s a non-tacky way to invite the B-list guests to the wedding?

Dear Amy: Our daughter’s overseas wedding was first scheduled two summers ago. Family from both sides (mostly) don’t live there, so with the borders closed, the ceremony was postponed — twice.

Amy Dickinson 

Now the wedding is on, for this July. We are seeing that a number of guests who RSVP’d that they were coming the first two times now say they cannot make it. We will miss seeing them.

So here is the question: Since we already have the lovely venue paid for a specific number of guests, is it tacky to invite those who “didn’t make the first guest list” originally to join us now?

If it is not tacky, how might we even phrase that?

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Dear Wondering: When it comes to “tacky,” I take a stance that’s probably more Dolly Parton than Emily Post.

I say, be authentic, be polite, and if you’re backed into a corner be truthful!

Issue your invitations. You might call this event Third Time’s the Charm.

I don’t think it’s necessary to make any reference to previous plans when you invite people.

If prospective guests inquire: “Hey, I thought you didn’t have room for me!” say, “The pandemic really messed with our plans and some close family members can’t make it overseas this summer, so if you are able to join us on relatively short notice, we’d love it!”

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