Ask Amy: We made it through this horrible wedding, and then we learned the couple’s secret

Dear Amy: Your recent answer to “Disgruntled Guest” regarding a destination wedding inspired me to write.

For those who want to have a destination wedding, my suggestion is to focus on each other and the moment. Come home afterward and have a gathering with family and friends.

My wife and I attended a formal beach wedding. Sand was blowing and we couldn’t hear the officiant over the waves. Afterward, we attended a formal dinner and ate the worst food ever.

We attended out of obligation, an obligation I wish we’d never agreed to. It was five days of enforced partying with a small group of people we wouldn’t choose to vacation with. (We gave the couple a very generous gift, as well.)

Then we learned that they were married by a judge months before their destination wedding.

A few months after the destination wedding, they had a very large formal gathering again, and more money was forked out.

It was the Never-ending Wedding!

– Never Again

Dear Never Again: I’m picturing a marrying couple who just keep throwing weddings: courthouse weddings, barn weddings, beach weddings, mountaintop weddings, etc.

What a way to avoid dealing with the challenges of being married.

I’m grabbing the movie rights.

Dear Amy: I have recently found out via my younger sister that our father has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. This is the first time I’ve heard this, and am hurt that he hasn’t said anything to me.

My father has always had a problem with alcohol. Last Christmas Day, my fiancé and I had a sit-down with him – an intervention, if you will.

I expressed concern that this alcohol problem would lead to illness, and warned him that if he didn’t stop drinking, it would eventually lead to his death.

He brushed it off as if he knew better.

My first son was born March 2022, my second in January 2023. I want my dad to be a part of their lives, as he is their only living grandfather.

Once I learned of his new diagnosis, I feel like my dad doesn’t want to admit that he has a problem and that I’m completely right about him.

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