US: Jennifer Garner finds it ‘sad in a way to see [Ben] move on and be so happy’


Yesterday we reported on the story that Ana de Armas looks up to Ben Affleck because he somehow juggles being a dad and co-parent with working. It was cheesy, over-the-top and sugary, and it was definitely from Ben and/or Ana’s dickmatized perspective. Well US had a follow-up story about how Jennifer Garner feels about Ben’s new relationship. It was positive toward her, but definitely something Ben would sad. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

[Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner] “have worked hard to get in a good place with each other,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. That being said, Garner is “always polite and trusts Ben and lets him do what he wants when he’s with the kids.”

“Although it’s sad in a way to see him move on and be so happy, she is ultimately happy that he is happy and in a good and healthy place with his life,” the insider tells Us. “That’s what she ultimately wants for the father of her kids.”

[From US Magazine]

I doubt Garner is sad at all that Ben has moved on. Read how that’s worded – she’s “always polite” and “trusts Ben.” That’s all how Ben sees her. I bet it took quite a while to build that trust and that’s why it’s being emphasized here. How embarrassing must it be to see photos of your ex and his much-younger girlfriend fawning all over each other while they’re walking their dogs? Plus he’s wearing her heart necklace and they just kissed on video. It’s embarrassing in a “what did I see in that guy/what are people going to think of me” way, not in any kind of regretful way. Garner is probably relieved Ben is someone else’s problem now. I kind of doubt she’s still seeing that restaurant technology entrepreneur, but I don’t think she’ll tell us about it until it’s absolutely necessary.

These are older photos of Ben and Ana along with a couple of photos of Jennifer taking her daughter, Seraphina, to a drive by birthday party on Tuesday. She’s also shown jogging a couple of weeks ago.

photos credit: Backgrid and via Instagram and YouTube

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