Proof You Can Create Your Best Hairstyles Without Washing Your Hair

As much as I love a fresh blowout, most days of the week I’m styling my second- or third-day hair into messy braids or up in a bun. While there’s no set rule for how often we should be washing our hair, many women I know could say the same of their scattered shampooing schedules — a unique regimen that’s individually tailored to each person, whether it be to save time, conserve water, take advantage of hair’s natural oils, or extend the life of a style. It feels especially true in the age of social isolation, as we’re all navigating new at-home hair routines. And yet, unwashed hair still feels like an open secret (mainly because of all the negative associations attached to it, like dirty, greasy, and unclean), rather than something we celebrate.

To pull back the curtain on how women are actually styling their hair on a daily basis — and more importantly, to reclaim our “off” days — we asked seven women with different hair types and textures to show us the styles they like to wear long after their last wash. With the help of a few key Waterl …read more

Source:: Refinery29


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