Prince Andrew is ‘shellshocked’ by the Queen removing his HRH & patronages

Garden party at Buckingham Palace

There’s wall-to-wall coverage in the British papers about Prince Andrew. And Boris Johnson, if truth be told, because BoJo and his Tory buddies were holding non-stop parties at Downing Street during the British lockdown. In fact, I halfway wonder if the Queen was deployed to take some heat off the Tory government this week. As we discussed, Andrew’s patronages have been taken away and he’s not allowed to use his HRH style. Someone leaked to the NY Post that Andrew was hurt by how “cutting” the Queen was when she told him face-to-face that she was taking away all of his shiny toys:

Prince Andrew was told face-to-face by his mother, Queen Elizabeth, that he will no longer be known as His Royal Highness, The Post is told. Looking stony-faced, the embattled Duke of York was driven a few miles from his house, Royal Lodge, to Windsor Castle on Thursday morning. There, the Queen, 95, broke the news that she was stripping her 61-year-old son of all his remaining military titles and royal patronages in the wake of the sex-assault lawsuit brought against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

And while the two reportedly remain close, the royal source told The Post: “There was nothing from the Queen about her sadness or dismay, nothing emotional at all. It was so cutting.”

Sources speculated that the Queen, who is believed to have been funding Andrew’s legal defense from her private accounts, may continue to do so. It’s reported that he receives around $323,000 a year from her.

[From The NY Post]

Yeah, I don’t buy that Andrew found it cutting at all, especially since mummy is still going to give him lots of money. I doubt this was some kind of cold, formal ceremony either. It was probably just Liz, her favorite son and maybe a handful of senior aides. Andrew was told that all of this was happening for the good of the institution (and he likely agreed) and mummy promised to still pay his bills and fund his legal defense, and probably his potential settlement with Virginia Giuffre too. The rest of this is just bullsh-t meant to make Liz, Chuck and Baldy look tough and authoritative. Speaking of:

Prince Andrew is “shell-shocked” after the Queen stripped him of his military titles and royal patronages, a source close to him has said. It comes as the royal family is said to be ‘furious’ with the prince over sex claims and dragging the family into disrepute. And a source close to Andrew last night described him as “shell-shocked”.

William met the Queen in her private quarters at Windsor Castle, where sources said it was decided the “axe should swiftly fall” on Andrew’s royal career. A royal source said last night the Duke of Cambridge was locked in talks “for more than an hour” with his gran.

Another suggested the Queen came to “the ­realisation Andrew’s position was grave indeed” after ­conversations with Princes Charles and …read more

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