Oprah posts video throwing out half a cake: ‘it’s time for a reset’

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Oprah has had a deal with Weight Watchers, of which she now owns about 8%, since 2015. I can’t believe it’s been that long since Oprah declared she loves bread! Oprah recently posted a video showing herself throwing out a large portion of a cake that her bestie Gayle King made for her. I wrote in the title that Oprah threw out half of it, but it was more like 1/6th because that cake was three tiers originally. It was an early birthday cake, since Oprah’s birthday is at the end of the month. She’s going to be 68! Can you believe it? In the video, Oprah says that it’s time for a reset after she had 12 people over for the holidays and “ate every day like food had just been invented.” Here’s more of what she said thanks to People and the video is above.

[Oprah] shared a video on Instagram in which she showed herself dumping out an entire half of a cake in an effort to “reset” her diet for 2022.

“Time for a reset. Clearing out the fridge,” Winfrey said at the start of the clip.

With 12 visitors in her house over the holidays, she joked “we ate every day like food had just been invented. So, clearing out the fridge. No chance of one last piece of Gayle [King’s] delicious Bananas Foster birthday cake.”

Speaking of her “reset” Winfrey went on to tout Weight Watchers, the popular weight loss program for which she is a spokesperson and director, before encouraging followers to “let today be our day one.”

“And oh yeah – don’t forget to hydrate,” reminded Winfrey.

[From People]

I can easily throw food out like this and often do, but I know it’s hard for a lot of people. Kaiser and I talked about this on the podcast a while ago. Her dad was an immigrant who taught her not to waste food. My dad always says to throw things out if you’re not using them.

Like Oprah, I also need a diet reset. I was able to eat well the first few days of the month but have gone back to my old habits of stress eating ice cream and chocolate at night. I’m still exercising but it feels like everything is a dumpster fire and I may as well eat. After Christmas I joined one of those diet bet websites. I will owe them money if I don’t lose a few pounds, so I’m hoping that motivates me. (I can’t vouch for them until the time period is over.) Maybe I will take this video from Oprah as a sign to start fresh today, although I say that just about every day – it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

Oprah’s hydration challenge! She passes out half gallon water bottles to her guests. I have this one and am about to fill …read more

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