Mackenzie McKee: Taking Her Cheating Husband Back ALREADY?!

Mackenzie mckee husband

Mackenzie McKee, bless her heart, has been through a lot in the past several months.

She lost her mother after an intense battle with cancer, she’s been adjusting to being back on television with her return to Teen Mom, and her husband, Josh?

Well, he’s always been awful, but apparently things have gotten a whole, whole lot worse recently.

Yep, the latest news from Mackenzie is that Josh has been having an affair with her cousin.

Just days ago, she made a statement saying that she’s filing for divorce, but now?

Now we have no idea what’s going on with these two.

1. So Much History

Mackenzie and Josh have been together for a very, very long time. They started dating when she was 15, they’ve been married for seven years, they have three kids together — it would probably be pretty safe to say that he’s all she’s ever really known when it comes to love.

2. Facts

But honestly, their relationship has never been great.

3. So Perplexing

He’s never really been all that nice to her, and she’s said in the past that they’ve both cheated on each other. And after they worked that out, he cheated on her against last year while her mother was dying of cancer.

4. Trash

You remember this — Mackenzie found out that Josh had been unfaithful, and she put “single mom” in her Instagram bio and told everyone that it was over. Only it wasn’t.

5. Why Though

Before too long, Josh made some big romantic gesture in proposing to her again, and he told her that he’d found God, which was a very big deal to her since she and especially her mother had always been very religious.

6. Bad Choice?

She decided to take him back — that was in October of last year.

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