Larissa Lima Mocks Colt Johnson Over Girlfriend: You Traded DOWN!

Larissa lima has a new face

It’s safe to say that 90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima is still catching her breath from her war with Evelin Villegas.

But the self-styled Queen still has plenty of room for conflict in her life, it seems.

No sooner was it announced that Larissa had dumped her boyfriend Eric than Colt began hinting that he was in a relationship again.

Now, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates has revealed that woman to the world and how fans will get to know her.

Larissa has made it clear that she doesn’t think much of, well, any of this. Take a look:

1. Larissa is SO over it

Suddenly, Larissa Lima has found herself in the middle of multiple conflicts. She’s getting hate from fans, she’s dealing with TWO exes, and she’s caught in a love triangle from a 90 Day Fiance spinoff on which she has never even appeared.

2. Larissa’s getting over a breakup

She was with Eric Nichols for seven months — that’s as long as her marriage to Colt lasted. And it still hasn’t quite been a month since that split. Even when you’re the one who did the dumping, that’s going to take an emotional toll.

3. And then there was THIS drama

The huge back and forth between Larissa and Evelin over Corey, and the involvement of fans (and haters) of all three, was explosive.

4. Larissa’s STILL trying to clear the air

As she made clear, Colt Johnson was the only one she loved — and she later clarified that she meant since moving to the US, which makes this much less sad. Evelin, in the mean time, feels betrayed that the love of HER life is blabbing about what she considers personal relationship issues to Larissa (who, you know, made some of those public knowledge in order to fight back against Evelin’s slut-shaming)

5. But Larissa has had more to say

So many people, namely Evelin, have accused her of having plastic surgery. She would undergo certain types, but she has not actually had any.

6. That’s true!

Larissa has gotten various facial fillers, even augmenting her jawline. But these are not surgical in nature. They’re just injections.

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