Kim Kardashian: Is She Divorcing Kanye Because of His Twitter Rants?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Good Ole Days

As you’re probably aware, Kim and Kanye divorce rumors began circulating on social media pretty much from the moment the couple exchanged vows.

But these days, it really looks as though Kimye is soon to be kaput.

Beginning last week, credible sources such as Page Six began to report that Kim has already taken steps toward ending the marriage.

Insiders say Kim has finally reached a point where she can no longer tolerate Kanye’s erratic behavior and rampant narcissism.

(Most of us reached that point several years ago, but hey — better late than never!)

Sources claim Kim has met with a divorce attorney and made Kanye aware of her intentions.

At this point, it’s just a matter of making a public announcement, which the former couple has thus far held off on doing.

But already, the questions have begun regarding what exactly led these two to call it quits.

One insider tells In Touch that West and Kardashian have been “living separate lives” for the past couple of years,” an insider told In Touch in December, months after Kanye aired their marital drama on Twitter.

“They are drifting further and further away from each other,” the source noted.

“Kim is determined to get her old life back and to have her freedom without Kanye weighing on her mind.”

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, it seems that the final straw was Kanye’s Twitter rant from back in July.

Now, just about every crazy thing imaginable has taken place in the last year, so we’ll forgive you if you forgot the details of Yeezy’s most bonkers tirade.

Basically, the father of four holed up at his Wyoming ranch and went on an attack against his wife and her family.

He accused Kim of cheating on him with rapper Meek Mill.

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He called Kris Jenner a white supremacist, and slut-shamed Kylie Jenner for posing in Playboy.

He claimed that he had spent several years trying to divorce Kim, but she and her family had talked him out of it each time.

In short, it was wild and cruel and inappropriate even by the standards of Kanye West — and that’s really saying something,

Kim did her best to rebuild the foundations of her marriage following the rant.

She visited Kanye in Wyoming and begged him to come home — but she returned to Los Angeles in tears … and without her husband.

Now, it seems that all these months later, Kim has finally decided that best thing she can do for herself and her children is to cut Kanye loose.

“She doesn’t feel like she can be herself when she’s with him and is fed up with constantly walking on eggshells,” the source tells In Touch.

“It’s exhausting.”

Part of the issue, it seems, was Kim’s career and public image

Mrs. Kardashian-West recently reached billionaire status, and she owes much of her success to presenting herself as a self-made woman living a dream …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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