Kate Winslet: Women were unified during the pandemic by going makeup-free

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Kate Winslet was named the latest face of L’Oreal Paris. She joins the other “faces” like Viola Davis, Gemma Chan and Helen Mirren. I mean, L’Oreal knows what they’re doing – Kate is known for having that “English rose” look, and her skin has always been gorgeous. To promote her new endorsement, Winslet chatted with Harper’s Bazaar about not wearing much makeup during the pandemic, how she’s rubbish at doing her hair and how she loves the L’Oreal tagline: “Because you’re worth it.” Some highlights:

How it feels to get a L’Oreal contract at the age of 45: “It feels really timely for me, because what I’ve been saying a lot in the last kind of six months is that this decade coming up, it feels like there’s a huge shift amongst women. We’re using our voices in different ways. More importantly than anything else, I think that sense of sisterhood and women coming together, not judging each other, learning how to openly compliment one another, and really standing up for one another—that’s changed. For me to be a part of L’Oréal, knowing that these things are important to me, and knowing that they’ve always been very important to them, it just feels fantastic.”

No-makeup pandemic: “What’s been so nice is that we’ve all been unified in our joy of not having to put makeup on and not make so much of an effort. I’ve actually enjoyed really not wearing makeup, and certainly wearing less of it. It’s time that is better used doing, frankly, other things. A lot of kind of pomp and circumstance comes hand in hand sometimes with hair and makeup, and actually just being your truthful, authentic, fresh self—it just feels nicer. If there’s anything that has shifted for me in the last year, it’s that we can go easier on ourselves. We can just relax a little bit. I think we scrutinize ourselves a lot. Just not looking in the mirror quite so much has been really relaxing.

Because she’s worth it: “Think about that phrase: because I’m worth it, because we’re worth it, because you’re worth it. It’s really kind of a remarkable thing to feel. What’s so great about L’Oréal is that they give us all permission to say that. And for me, being “worth it” means that I’ve lived my life. I’ve got the marks and the scars and the flaws and the imperfections, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t come out the other side a more sincere human. I’m more confident with who I am and more fully rounded as a person, as a woman.”

Her favorite beauty look: “When my skin is behaving—which, at the moment, it is, thank God—just a really clean face, you know, sharp jaw. A good coat of mascara, a sculpted eye, and a fat red lip. To me that’s like, “Don’t mess with me.” Because you …read more

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