Kailyn Lowry Goes on the Attack: Is She Mad at Chris Lopez For Joining Teen Mom 2 Cast?

Kailyn with Chris

When Kailyn Lowry first started dating Chris Lopez, she told fans that he had zero interest in ever appearing on the show that made her famous.

In the years that followed, Chris’ actions seemed to corroborate that claim.

He took pains to avoid ever appearing on camera, and he often expressed his frustration with Kail’s tendency to discuss their relationship — or lack thereof — on Teen Mom 2 and in her social media posts.

Now, however, it seems that Chris has come around to the fact that he’s going to be discussed and scrutinized no matter what.

So he might as well get paid for it, at least.

Yes, Chris has finally caved and started appearing on TM2.

He’s not a regular cast member, of course, and his pay reflects that fact.

Insiders say Lopez is making about $2,000 and episiode, while Kail and company make upwards of $400,000.

Chris might be a bit salty about that discrepancy, but to be fair, if Kail hadn’t started with this show back in her high school days, Lopez wouldn’t be making any TV appearances — or any money from said appearances.

Anyway, fans suspect that Kail is deeply upset about the fact that Chris has been appearing on the show.

They believe that she’s been attacking Chris on social media more than usual in recent weeks.

And considering how much she usually attacks him, that was saying something.

Just three weeks ago, Lowry roasted Lopez as a “babysitter” to his sons, who’s never been a real father to the boys.

Shortly thereafter, she claimed that Lopez fat-shamed and intentionally misgendered her.

Now, Lowry has never had many nice things to say about her most recent baby daddy.

But this latest barrage of accusations has led to speculation that she’s pissed about sharing screen time with him.

“Have you noticed how ever since it was announced that Chris is joining Teen mom that she’s calling him out a lot more on social media? Like saying he’s fat shaming her and not respecting her pronouns,” a Reddit user wrote this week.

“She’s sooo freaked out by one of her exs joining the show that she’s trying to get him cancelled I swear,” another added.

“Yep. She’s so used to being able to talk mad s**t (directly or indirectly) about almost anyone, without having to worry about them publicly telling their side of the story or saying anything that makes her look worse or call her out on being a liar,” a third chimed in.

These suspicions were bolstered by a report from The Ashey’s Reality in which a TM2 production insider revealed that Kail was “upset” about Chris’ involvement with the show.

“When Kail found out Chris is now receiving money for appearing on the show, she was very upset and texted [one of the higher-up producers] and said it was disrespectful of them to have given Chris a contract and not even have given her the heads-up, especially after all these years,” the source said.

“Kail was not happy that Chris is going …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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