Jay Smith: Did He Knock Up His Latest Girlfriend?

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In a recent tearful confession, Ashley Martson admitted that she still loves Jay Smith after everything that he put her through.

She’s not getting back with him, though. She’s just acknowledging her feelings.

Jay, in the mean time, has a brand new girlfriend, because of course he does.

The dude has boned his way through a lot of women since coming to the US, and we suppose that this was inevitable. …

… But rumors say that his newest girlfriend is pregnant.

1. Oh, Jay

Has Jay knocked up his latest girlfriend?

2. Jay Smith has never struggled to find love

The dude was very up front about being a deeply horny ladies man, right from when TLC began filming him. Also, he cheated on Ashley a whole lot.

3. Even so, they kept getting back together

Despite knowing that Jay had cheated on her, not just messaging a(n adult) high school girl, but also laying pipe with some random girl in a barber shop bathroom, she took him back just about one year ago.

4. They broke up

After accusing Jay of breaking into her home to remove things while she was on a much-needed family vacation, Ashley requested a restraining order from the court. She was granted a PFA — Protection From Abuse — having presented evidence to the court. This is evidence that fans have never seen, but the knowledge of the court’s decision really changed how a lot of people viewed Jay.

5. The PFA came with a serious instruction

Jay had to avoid Ashley and her home, of course. But he also had to avoid discussing the order on social media. That part of the order he broke, almost immediately.

6. Whoops

Jay ended up spending almost all of July 2019 in ICE custody. That is not fun, folks. Though they had split by this point, it’s probably the longest period of time during his (legal) marriage to Ashley in which he wasn’t banging a woman who wasn’t Ashley.

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