Gugu Mbatha-Raw on royalty: ‘I’m sure it’s not an easy life… but I respect it’

Kim Kardashian looks chic as she’s seen leaving a photoshoot in NYC

Gugu Mbatha-Raw covers the February issue of Tatler, mostly to promote her BBC One series, The Girl Before. Gugu has a million projects out right now, or coming up. She’s been working a lot, and most of the work is coming to her in America. She lived in LA for several years as she worked on The Morning Show, and I think she was stuck in America for much of the pandemic. Which explains why she recently bought a place in London and why she sounds somewhat homesick in this interview, which took place in San Francisco as she worked on an AppleTV+ series. You can read the full piece here – she talks about the cultural differences between Brits and Americans, and whether she would play the Duchess of Sussex in The Crown.

Complaining about how Americans serve tea: ‘You get hot water and a teabag on the side and they haven’t even taken it out of the wrapping.’

Buying a place in the UK: ‘I was [thinking], “When am I going to see my parents again?” I remember when my mum couldn’t get an Ocado order. I said, “I can do it because I’m in LA. I can be online at three in the morning [UK time]. I can get you a slot and make sure there’s loo paper.” That was a mad, mad time.’

Oprah called her after seeing her in ‘Belle’: ‘I was doing Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation experience and it was around the end of that time that I got a call from her. I didn’t answer it because I didn’t recognise the number. And then I played the voicemail: it was like, “Hi, it’s Oprah.” It was that voice, so iconic, that I’d been listening to every day and I thought, “This is so surreal.” A lot of these meditations are focused on manifesting your best life and I thought, “Whoa, have I just manifested Oprah on my voicemail? This meditation is powerful stuff!” I feel like she’s always there if I need to reach out. It’s not like we’re close buddies but I respect her so much.’

The most important quality for an actor is persistence: “It’s not like I was plucked out of drama school to be in anything hugely starry or high-profile. I’ve always worked hard and there are a lot of things I haven’t gotten. I’ve got close to lots of big things… I learnt early on that your talent is really not enough. You have to cultivate resilience and be able to bounce back from disappointment. You can’t be too fragile. I think you have to have access to your sensitive faculties, but you also have to know how to coach yourself along and give yourself a talking to and pick yourself up when you need to…’

Americans are charmed by the Royal Family: ‘It sort of feels like a fairytale from an American viewpoint.’ She is supportive, too: ‘I’m sure it’s not an easy …read more

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