Duggar Date Nights Are Every Bit as Lame as You Would Expect

The Duggar Family: A Photo

For as much richly-deserved criticism as the Duggars attract online, Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring actually possess many fine qualities.

They prioritize family; they seem to have strong work ethics and very keen instincts when it comes to pulling in big bucks; and for as much flak as they’ve taken for their mildly-creepy perma-grins, the members of Arkanas’ third most famous family (it’s tough to top the Clintons and Waltons), we can’t help but admire these kids for their sunny dispositions.

The list of repugnant qualities demonstrated by the Tontitown 20, however, is too long to duplicate here.

The Duggars think they’re incredibly witty, when in reality, they’re about as funny as a recurring dream in which a blindfolded Willem Defoe gives you a root canal under strobe lights while German death metal blares from a wall of speakers.

(C’mon, no one else has that dream?)

Obviously, humor is subjective and yada, yada, yada, but it seems impossible that anyone is turning into Counting On for the laughs.

Lauren Swanson Pranks Josiah Duggar

And yet, the Duggars and their producers are hell-bent on delivering scenes like the thrift store-related prank in the clip above.

Apparently, three Duggar couples went thrift store shopping before their triple-date, with the girls selecting outfits for the guys to wear.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s a fun idea or the result of intense boredom from a bunch of twenty-somethings who live in the middle of nowhere and aren’t allowed to indulge in intoxicants or non-procreative sex.

Anyway, Lauren Swanson is trying to shake her reputation as the most awkward Duggar wife by showing her fun side — which in this case means pranking her husband.

“Josiah’s played many a pranks [sic] on many people including me, and I wanted to pay him back,” said Lauren in the breathy whisper that’s led to rumors of heavy sedation.

So how did she get her husband back for all those months of cellophane over the toilet seat or whatever?

Well, by … convincing him to wear a bathrobe.

Yes, Lauren hit Josiah with a prank outfit before revealing his real one and the results were … feigned mild amusement?

“Sometimes, it’s easier to dish it out then it is to take it,” commented Jessa, as though Josiah had actually been pranked in any sort of consequential way

“Josiah’s probably a little bit nervous. He’s thinking, is this really my outfit? Am I really gonna have to wear this out in public?” she added.

Sure, he might have been thinking that.

Josiah, of course, offered his own insights on the gag.

“I look like a college student in med school walking out of his … I don’t know, apartment or something,” he observed.

It seems that “dorm” is the word he was looking for.

Sadly, Duggar kids aren’t allowed to think about college, so we guess you can’t blame him for that one.

“The thing looked … horrible,” Josiah added, offering further evidence that his reputation as “the funny Duggar” may be in need of re-evaluation.

But hey, at least …read more

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