Dina Lohan Gets Busted For Felony DWI, Face-Plants During Arrest

Dina Lohan on CBS

Earlier this month, we reported that Lindsay Lohan is returning to America after several years spent living overseas.

And it seems Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, was so excited by the news that she just couldn’t wait to start the homecoming party.

According to TMZ, Dina enjoyed an international experience of her own by getting bombed at an Outback Steakhouse and then attempting to drive home.

Dina allegedly t-boned another vehicle in the parking lot and then fled the scene of the accident.

The woman driving the other car called the cops and followed Dina all the way to her Long Island home.

Police arrived, and while Dina was no longer behind the wheel, her Mercedes was still running.

Cops noted a strong smell of booze, as well as several other signs that Dina was intoxicated, but the 57-year-old refused all sobriety tests.

She was arrested on the scene, but not before she took a tumble and reportedly injured her face. Yikes.

The arresting officer says Dina claimed he pushed her, but there’s no evidence to support her allegation.

The cop claims Dina became “unsteady” on her feet and fell on her face before he was able to catch her.

Granted, we weren’t there but … yeah, that sounds like a much more likely story.

The police report also notes that Dina initially claimed she had not been drinking, but later admitted to having one glass of wine with dinner.

From the sound of, it that must have been one very large glass.

Dina has not spoken publicly about the arrest, but her lawyer issued a statement this afternoon,.

“The arrest of Dina Lohan is most unfortunate,” says attorney Mark Jay Heller.

” She was not evaluated for alcohol content in her blood at the time she was arrested. We have interposed a not guilty plea at her arraignment to all six charges,” Heller added.

We look forward to attending court this Wednesday to fight the case. I was successful in getting her out without bail. She was released without bail by the judge.”

Dina has been arrested for DWI in the past, which means she’s now facing a felony charge.

Sounds like Lindsay may want to assume the role of her mom’s chaffeur once she gets back to the States.

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