Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra Suffer Tragic Miscarriage

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra IG marriage announcement 23 May 2021

After many ups and downs, Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra were married.

In fact, it was a secret. By the time that their season of The Single Life ended, they had tied the knot.

Recently, Colt and Vanessa privately learned that they were expecting their first child.

However, they have since suffered a miscarriage.

Late on Monday, October 11, Colt Johnson took to Instagram to express some very personal heartbreak.

“Vanessa and I have experienced a loss we’d like to share,” his caption began.

“We recently discovered she was pregnant,” Colt shared of his wife, Vanessa Guerra.

“This came about by surprise,” Colt announced.

“And,” he wrote, “really changed our perspective on life and our future.”

“We started to think about a future with our child,” Colt explained.

“We both became really happy,” Colt gushed.

He and Vanessa were filled “with the prospects and imaginations of sharing a life with them.”

Tragically, their excitement was cut short.

“Unfortunately, the only news I can give on them is that they will no longer be joining us,” Colt revealed.

He concluded: “It breaks my heart.”

Colt also tagged his wife, but she has not given her own statement — but did recently share a quote about grief.

This is of course a tremendous loss for Colt and Vanessa.

It is also a tragedy for Colt’s mother, Debbie.

She took to the comments under Colt’s post to publicly express her own heartbreak.

“My heart not only breaks,” Debbie began.

“But,” she wrote, “also aches for what Vanessa and Colt are going through.”

“It is so very sad that things like this happen,” she added.

“One minute you are on top of the world with joy,” Debbie characterized.

“Then the next,” she continued, “you can’t believe how much it hurts.”

Debbie concluded: “My love goes to my family. I love you both Colt & Vanessa.”

Jon Walters, a 90 Day Fiance alum known for speaking his mind in the fandom, replied.

“Such sad news,” he wrote. “I’m sorry for your family.

Evelin Villegas also shared her condolences: “I’m so sorry.”

Colt also shared that his and Vanessa’s would-be child had an estimated due date of April 21, 2022.

At this point, Vanessa would have been pregnant for a couple of months.

With that estimated due date, they likely conceived in late July or early August.

Statistically, most people discover that they are pregnant between weeks four and seven.

That means that Vanessa likely confirmed that she was expecting during September.

We are only a little over a week into October. The heartbreak came swiftly.

Miscarriages happen, and they are one of the reasons that it is traditional to hold off on pregnancy announcements.

(Not the only reason — one of many being that it’s usually important to tell your mom before you tweet about it)

This early, Colt and Vanessa could have said nothing and never made their pain public.

In many ways, that might have been easier for them.

But it is a truly good thing that Colt and Vanessa went public with their tragedy.

So many people don’t realize that they are not alone in their losses, and might even blame themselves for …read more

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