Barbara Evans: David Eason Is Abusing Jenelle! She’s a Prisoner!

Jenelle evans and david eason in december

For several months now, we’ve suspected that confrontations between Jenelle Evans and David Eason frequently turn violent.

Jenelle’s 911 call from back in October provided a harrowing insult into the couple’s tumultuous and likely abusive relationship.

Evans later dismissed the situation as a “drunk and dramatic misunderstanding,” but domestic violence victims are often quick to defend their abusers — a fact that Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, pointed out during Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

In a heartbreaking scene, a tearful Babs fretted over her daughter’s safety and worried that David might eventually “cost her everything.”

For those in denial it served as a wakeup call — and for David’s many critics, it confirmed what they’ve long suspected.

Take a look:

1. Better Days

Jenelle and David’s relationship has always been an emotional rollercoaster, but over thr past year the marriage has had far more valleys than peaks.

2. David’s Downfall

It’s been almost one full year since David was fired by MTV, a development that seems to have shattered Eason’s fragile psyche.

3. Horrendous Decision

On February 14, 2018, David posted a photo of Jenelle shooting a gun just hours after the world learned of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

4. Making It Worse

When fans encouraged him to take the photo down out of respect to the victims family’s, David attacked them with homophobic slurs.

5. Self-Destruction

David has remained unemployed in the year since his firing, and despite the fact that Jenelle’s role on Teen Mom 2 provides the family’s sole means of income, he seems hellbent on getting his wife fired, too,

6. Slave to His Emotions

He probably couldn’t tell you why he does it, but David frequently menaces crew members during filming, making it impossible for them to prominently feature Jenelle on the show.

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