Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: BUSTED Faking “Leaks” for Publicity

Jay and ashley 90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have been through so much.

Now, they’re in the center of a huge scandal that’s earning them scorn from fans, friends, and castmates alike.

And they have no one to blame but themselves.

Jay made a simple mistake with his phone, and we’re not referring to his cheating scandal from last year.

His error revealed that he and Ashley were the architects behind some alleged “leaks” of their personal photos.

Even other 90 Day Fiance stars are shocked and are saying that they’ll no longer have anything to do with them.


1. From divorcing to inseparable

Ashley and Jay were spotted out and about getting coffee together on Thursday, February 7, in New York City.

2. This is huge for them

The couple struggled after Ashley caught Jay cheating on her on FaceTime and using Tinder … immediately after their wedding.

3. Then, in January, Ashley filed for divorce

She filed on January 11 — the exact same day that Colt Johnson filed to divorce Larissa Lima. Coincidence?

4. She took it back, though

Just days after making headlines for the divorce filing, and just eight days after filing for divorce, Ashley withdrew her request for divorce. For better or for worse, she wanted to work things out with Jay.

5. Jay was quick to brag about their reconciliation

He took to Instagram and, though he did not show Ashley’s face, it was immediately clear that those were Ashley’s legs. And butt.

6. Now, fans and castmates alike are pissed at the couple

What happened to make everyone so pissed off?

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