29 Amazon Prime Day Deals We Actually Added To Our Carts

It’s Prime Day’s final hours and the shopping scaries are setting in. As a two-day event, Amazon’s marquee of markdowns is not unlike a weekend: the first day is a carefree-browsing spree, while the 24-hour period that follows is a nail-biting countdown to all deals vanishing into the virtual ether. The best cure for this type of trepidation? Call up a friend to talk it out — and, when it comes to heart-to-hearts of the sale-scoring variety, Refinery29 is just a click away. We’re here to offer you our shopping support by sharing all the deals we actually bought into this Prime Day. (And, because we love a good crowd-sourced steal, we also asked our fellow R29ers what they snapped up.)

We spent the last few days scouring every nook and cranny of Amazon’s discount-laden landscape (along with a few very compelling counter-sales) to bring you the goods that are so worth it, we actually added them to our own carts. Because we’ve seen it all, the slashed-price products that stopped us in our browsing tracks are pretty unique — including everything from a $7 rose-infused face mist to a $200 robot vacuum and one legendary viral beauty buy named Babyfoot (heard of her?). Ahead, take a seat in the over-share chair for a journey through our poured-out carts from Amazon Prime Day and beyond.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff—and, while we do receive commission from Amazon, all of the goods linked to on our site are independently selected and supported by our Shopping team.29% Off Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals
“Howdy! As the editor on R29’s Shopping team, my eyes have gazed upon every single Prime Day promo and counter-sale beyond the ‘zon that we’ve covered — which means I’ve got a fine-tuned, cross-category deal list that’s really worth the coin. Aside from my Amazon heavy-hitter (more on that ahead) I also was seriously compelled to cart up a bargain from Walmart’s Big Save event (also more on that ahead) — but, my biggest PD-pro tip? Don’t get distracted by the Prime-Day-exclusive deals, because there are lots of other Amazon markdowns just waiting to be scored that don’t have that little blue stamp — starting with this here 29%-off pair of white EVA sandals from Teva that I carted like a hot cake and will wear with chunky wool socks until my toes can see the sun again. (Psst, go ahead and search Dyson for secret slashed prices that aren’t folded into all that Prime Day hoopla.)”

– Elizabeth Buxton, Market Editor

Teva Hurricane Drift, $, available at Amazon25% Off Renpho Heated Foot Massager

“Drumroll for my Amazon Prime Day heavy-hitter, please: this infomercial-looking foot massager. My significant other (who shall not be shamed named) does not like to rub my feet after a long day spent pounding the virtual deal-hunting pavement — so …read more

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