The Shoe Trends To Put Your Best Foot Forward In 2024

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If you’re looking to refresh your style, doing so from the bottom up is a logical place to start. A fresh pair of shoes can go the extra mile for an outfit, be that by adding some extra pep to your ensemble or by grounding it in a more neutral foundation. Whichever camp you (and your closet) are finding yourself in for 2024, there are a number of about-to-be-big footwear trends out there that’ll suit your wardrobe needs. But where to begin? 

We scoured the spring/summer 2024 runways. We perused our favorite retailers. We even collected predictions from industry experts to round up the top nine shoe styles you should expect to see everywhere during the months ahead. Need something sleek for the office? We’ve got you covered on the boot front. Itching for a touch of drama? We’ve outlined the major toe-bearing trends that are about to take over come summer… and they’re not without controversy. If you’re just looking for some shopping inspo, there’s plenty of that, too, in the form of leg-hugging silhouettes, the comeback of kitten heels, and more. Scroll on and make this the year of staying ahead of the sartorial game.

Shoe Trend 2024: Micro Heels

In the same way 2017 ushered in the era of the micro purse, 2024 has brought with it the micro heel. Signs that the ubiquitous platform shoe may be past its peak came in the form of mini heels on major runways including those of Gucci, Givenchy, and Brunello Cucinelli. This ultra-low look is sneaking its way onto slingbacks, mules, boots, and more, meaning the barely-there pump will be here to stay until next December. “The kitten heel gives a lift and a great posture, but they’re still comfortable and practical shoes for the woman on the move,” says Marina Larroudé who founded an eponymous luxury shoe label. 

Shoe Trend 2024: Mesh Materials

What began as the go-to material for tops and dresses throughout last year’s Y2K party attire will be migrating south in 2024 and losing a bit of its shine along the way. Mesh is taking on footwear in the form of silkier, lightweight materials, dramatic overlays, and subtle shoe details. Most notable were the mesh socks we spotted everywhere from Chanel to Sacai and statement boots made out of the breathable fabric on runways of GmbH and Mugler. And then there was Givenchy taking the trend to the next level by layering mesh over some of its shoes, rather than underneath them. 

Shoe Trend 2024: Skin-Tight Boots

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